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Got Dropbox? You should, FREE and easy...

OK, I’ve sent out some emails about Dropbox and mentioned it on Facebook a couple times but I haven’t gotten much of a response back about it. First of all I’m not trying to sell you anything, understand this! I already checked with Dropbox and they don’t have a reseller program or I would be trying to sell it to you! But even if that were the case, which its not, J&L Computers only sells what we believe in and use ourselves.

With all that being said I’m thinking that maybe the majority of the people I have contacted about this great FREE software just don’t quite understand what it is. Otherwise you all would be jumping all over this.

What’s in it for me then? Well first of all I really do like to share great things when I come across them but the only thing I’m going to get out of you trying Dropbox is the same thing you’ll get for accepting my invitation and that is 256 MB extra free space. We both will get that on top of the 2 GB you start with all absolutely free! Once you’ve done that Dropbox will give you another 256 MB for doing 5 of the 6 suggested things on the Get Started page which will all help you to get the most out of it anyway so now you’ll be up to 2.5 GB for FREE! After that you have the opportunity to “earn” up to another 8 GB free by inviting people you know.

I sent out an email to my friends and family (if I had your correct email address) about what Dropbox is and how it works so I will just copy and paste that below or you can watch the short video when you go to sign up.

If you use multiple computers it’s really great but even if you only use one it still has plenty to offer you. After you download it, it creates a folder in your My Documents folder and anything you store in that folder, whether in more folders or just individual files, it automatically (with Internet connection) uploads it to their server which gives you an automatic backup and you can always log into their site from any computer and access, download or share these files easily. That’s really cool but the best part is, if you’re like me and working on more than one computer between home, work & laptop is that you download the program on all your computers (even Macs & iPads) with your user name and (with Internet connection) the Dropbox folder is always the same on all your computers! If you’re writing something on your desktop and save it here then later you’re on your laptop and there it is, you work on it some, save it and it’s also saved on your desktop and any other computers you put your Dropbox on. You never have to upload or download, it does it all for you. Then say you go to someone else’s house or office and you’d like to show or share with them, log in to Dropbox.com and its there too! Oh yea, it also works with smart phones!



J&L Monthly Maintenance Plan

Our Monthly Maintenance Plan is a great way to keep your computer out of the shop! What we do is access your computer remotely (high speed Internet connection required) once a month and take care of all the routine maintenance for you. This keeps your computer running at its max capabilities all the time so you can just worry about using your computer! All of this without ever leaving your home or place of business.

Many of our customers are taking advantage of this option and are very pleased with the results which are a computer that stays fast!

Of course there are occasions when there are hardware malfunctions and something in your computer needs to be replaced. These and Internet problems obviously can’t be fixed remotely but routine maintenance can extend the life of most hardware.

Have more than one computer? We discount the price of each plan for every computer you add up to 10! Contact us for an exact quote.